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Parallel Simulation of Verilog HDL designs

Parallel Simulation of Verilog HDL designs

Internship, IIT Bombay, Summer 2012
Guide: Prof. Sachin Patkar

Digital designs, before synthesis, are simulated on a computer platform to test their efficiency. Maximizing the performance and minimizing the overheads is, therefore, a vital area of research. The main focus of this work is to parallelize the simulation of single clock structural/behavior hardware designs without any time or resource conflict. Thus, resulting in a multi-fold in reduction in execution time.

Sample Verilog design (left), equivalent graph representation (right).

Due to advancements in the multi-core precessors, it is possible to simulate parallelizable designs faster. The flow of the work is briefly given below:

  1. A given hardware design is converted into a standard XML structure. This allows the feasibility of using any description language (Verilog, in this case) for multi-platform compatibility.
  2. This XML structure can be parsed in any high level language (Python) using standard libraries.
  3. The design is systematically analyzed in the high level language to find functionally independent units.
  4. These independent components are launched as seperate threads on a multi-core platform resulting in an overall reduction in time of simulation.

I have been awarded Undergraduate Research Award (URA 01) for contribution to research at IIT Bombay for this work. Since this work has been done in close association with a graduate student, most of the implementation details can be found in his thesis report here.