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Satwik Kottur

Graduate Student
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA.

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I am a third year PhD student at ECE department, Carnegie Mellon University. I work with Prof. José Moura, in the fields of computer vision, natural language and machine learning.

My interests are in the intersection of natural language and computer vision, and broadly, to solve multimodal AI problems using deep learning techniques. I collaborate with Prof. Devi Parikh and Prof. Dhruv Batra from Computer Vision Lab (CVL), Virginia Tech on tasks that require multimodal reasoning (vision and language), for example, visual question and answering (VQA).

I completed my undergraduate from Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in 2014 along with a minor in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). I worked under Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri on Human Activity Recognition for my undergraduate thesis.


[May 2017] Our paper on Canopy got accepted at ICML, 2017
[Apr 2017] Our paper on Exploring Personalized Neural Conversational Models got accepted at IJCAI, 2017
[Apr 2017] Find our Github code for Visual Dialog here
[Mar 2017] Checkout our latest paper, Learning Cooperative Visual Dialog Agents with Deep Reinforcement Learning, on arXiv
[Mar 2017] Checkout our latest paper, Deepsets, on arXiv
[Mar 2017] Our paper on Visual Dialog got accepted at CVPR, 2017 as a Spotlight
[Mar 2017] Interning at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) this summer, with Marcus Rohrbach
[Nov 2016] Checkout our latest paper, Visual Dialog, on arXiv
[Aug 2016] Serving as Vice-President of ECE Graduate Organization, CMU
[May 2016] Serving as a reviewer for NIPS 2016
[Mar 2016] Our paper on Visual Word2Vec got accepted to CVPR, 2016
[Dec 2015] I would be interning at Snapchat this summer
[Nov 2015] Checkout our latest paper, Visual Word2Vec, on arXiv
[Oct 2015] Checkout our paper, Comparing Gibbs, EM and SEM for MAP Inference in Mixture Models, which got accepted in NIPS: OPT workshop, 2015


Carnegie Mellon University
IIT Bombay
Viterbi School, USC
Summer 2013
Snapchat Inc.
Summer 2016